BRKS stands for Building Resilience Kindness Society, founded in 2018 starting from a discussion group of “social solidarity” regarding to the policies issues that do not side with the people and environmental issues from various generations and various backgrounds including activists, lecturers, journalists, arts workers. Furthermore, in mid of 2020 they agreed to create a publication media on community-based called Kicau Rakyat 53 Broadcast.

Furthermore, this association started with environmental solidarity actions, planting trees in the watershed (DAS) of Jarak village, research on the impact of climate change on diseases in coffee plants and solidarity actions on waste policy as well as technical assistance for water shortages in agriculture. Apart from that, actions to criticize and monitor the government policies that are not pro-people are increasingly productive done through KR53 Broadcast.

The next phase in 2021 we begin discussions on institutional needs that become more focused on certain issues to build work that is more specifically agreed to work on environmental issues, climate change, marginalized/impoverishment issues and create the institution of BRKS (Research Bureau and Strategic Policy) then in formally there were technical obstacles so it was replaced the name is BRKS (Building Resilience Kindness Society).