Advocacy for Saving Forests and Water

BRKS, together with the Wonosalam forest rescue network, carries out campaigns against illegal logging and legal logging, anti-forest burning, activities are carried out through demonstration campaign actions, media release through KR53 broadcast, as well as forest planting actions which function as reinforcement of the water run on and run off function. Activities were carried out in various places and BRKS’ participation included in Carang Wulung plants Bosini water sources, water saving in Mendiro village and BRKS’ independent activities with the village of Jarak, Wonosalam, Jombang.
Apart from activities in public spaces that directly contact the community, BRKS also carries out activities related to public policies, hearings to encourage policies related to rubbish, waste and forests are held together with the Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) Jombang and related agencies. In 2024 BRKS plans hearings with various themes including forest buffer plantation policies, waste policies, environmentally friendly agricultural and climate change adaptation policies. 2 hearings with the Environmental Service (DLH) – Jombang, 1 hearing with the Jombang Plantation and Forestry Service, 1 hearing with the Jombang Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) and 1 hearing with the Regent of Jombang.