Strengthening The Ecological Balance

In this concept, BRKS sees that every element of nature must function in balance, so that all elements of land, water, plants, animals, bacteria and forests function more effectively together to mutually strengthen their symbiotic relationship, so the strong research is needed to see the relationship patterns. /Mutualistic symbiosis that occurs in nature or research subjects. So, this research is able to provide input to the government and society to see the problems that occur when the ecology loses balance.

Solutions for strengthening communities by utilizing forests will damage forests if they do not have strategic studies related to ecological balance. Solutions to agricultural problems often damage ecosystems and ecology due to the use of toxic pesticides.

In 2024, BRKS will prepare a farming guidebook that does not damage the ecosystem and ecology, which in turn will strengthen the carbon absorption to prevent the global warming. Apart from that, training will be oriented towards forest buffer farmers so that they have stronger human resource capabilities economically and further strengthen the ecological functions of forests and water.