Advocacy For Endangered Plants And Animals

Campaign through media releases about Excelsa Coffee of Jombang’s Endemic, whose potential is threatened due to logging and replacing Excelsa coffee plants with other types of coffee plants. In loose soil/high soil porosity in the Wonosalam soil structure, Excelsa coffee is a good choice for soil to prevent erosion because the roots of Excelsa coffee are very numerous and long, the growth capacity and resilience of this coffee is also very strong and is not easily attacked by disease.

Campaigns are also carried out regularly through the KR53 podcast which aims to uncover problems related to climate change and climate justice, environmentally friendly agriculture and endangered animals.

In 2024, BRKS is planning a hearing to create an extinct animal protection agency in the environmental service that works with environmental activist elements in Jombang district. It is hoped that the government will have the resources to plan a protection program for endangered animals