Strengthening The Ecosystems Of Forest And Water

BRKS’ activities to strengthen the forest and water ecosystems began with a research on endemic plant and animal ecosystems in the Wonosalam Forest/ Anjasmoro Mount, as well as research on endangered plants and animals in the Wonosalam Forest/ Anjasmoro Mount. Followed by an analysis of the causes and supporting capacity factors and problems of forest buffers/communities living side by side with the forest

Making plans to strengthen buffer communities, there are objective aspects that are important is how the community becomes strong socially and economically, then the need for forests to become resilient requires community knowledge and skills to be involved in the process of strengthening forest and water ecosystems.

Educational activities that planned for 2024 are forest ecology and ecosystem training, training on utilizing forest functions, training on water use and management and mass activities that are motivating and build solidarity together, for example planting trees in the river basins and releasing rare animals.